by Alexandra Maurer
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Originally I wanted to start a blog by telling you about my pregnancy. But somehow I never got there. There was always something going on. Work, holidays and then suddenly I was simply too pregnant and too tired to do anything at 33 degrees! It was the hottest summer in the UK’s history and I was 40 weeks pregnant with swollen legs and feet that had to be elevated all the time. I hope you understand that. But now she’s here, our little wonder… our amazing Amélie and the world couldn’t be more beautiful. It could be filled with more sleep, but not more beautiful. And if you ask me: “Right, you can’t simply remember what it was like without her…? I can only answer with a: OF COURSE I CAN REMEMBER! I mean, what are you talking about! We could be spontaneous, we went to the cinema, we had sleep! Come on, you kidding m? BUT…I would NEVER want to turn back time! I am happier than ever. Our little daughter, Amélie, makes me the happiest person in the world. Because of her I want to be the best version of myself. For her I want so much… You might be wondering why I have chosen to write this blog…why now…? Well..the birth of my little one was not completely without complications. The doctors considered it a high-risk pregnancy and risky it was with all its highs and lows. A series of unfortunate events followed the nearly 10 months of a really nice and smooth pregnancy, which cost me a lot of energy. At one point I was terrified and didn’t know if my positive attitude towards life would help me through this time. My fiancé tried as much a he could and was great. But also he could only do as much. Then I began to write down my thoughts. To keep a kind of diary. You could also just call it Self-Therapy. And now I would like to share my story and future stories with you, whoever might be interested. Maybe they will help some of your, or you simply just wont feel so alone with the things you are going through. Even if my stories serve to shorten your waiting time for the train or bus, I gladly am to your service. 😉 Writing helps me personally after all of that, because: I came out stronger the other side! I’m a fighter full of optimism, dreams and love for a new phase in my life as a mother. This blog here is an honest and authentic insight into my life. I try to juggle everything: being a mam, partner and have a career plus to fit into my old jeans…haha, the latter not so urgent. But…if you’re up for some real life adventure stories, what it is like after having a baby…at least for me, then you’re on the right blog. These are all my experiences and my feelings. My tips on how to master something are not carved into stone. If you think and act differently, that’s fine. If you like, maybe share your experiences or tips with me by e-mail. I simply think it would be nice to support and share our day to day life, cause we women rock when it comes to juggeling a million things at the same time and we need to let the whole world know! Have fun now, with all the stuff I write…be ready for alot of honesty.

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Jeanne Sadlier 19. October 2018 - 10:08

Super blog Alex. Can’t wait to read it on a regular basis. Very nicely written and worded for new Mums and old ones! No matter what age we older ones are always interested in pregnancy, childbirth and babies 💕


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